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Warranty Terms & Conditions

1 Year limited warranty
Regor warrants you, the purchaser of our product, that the product shall be free of defects from the original manufacture of the material and workmanship for 1 Year from the purchase of the product (the “Warranty Period”). Regor products must be purchased brand-new from “Regor Direct” store for the warranty to be considered valid. If you notify Regor during the warranty period about a defect covered by the terms and conditions of this warranty, we will provide for service or replacement
of the product.

How long does the coverage last?
The Warranty Period lasts for 1 Year; beginning on the date you purchased the product. The purchase date is printed on the receipt you received with the product.

What does this warranty cover?
During the warranty period, if the original manufacture of the material or workmanship of the product is deemed to be defective, Regor will (at its sole option) replace the product at no charge with the same or comparable product. Products and parts replaced under this warranty become the property of Regor and are not returned to you. If products and/or parts service are required after the warranty period expires, you must pay all labor and parts charges. Warranty coverage terminates if you sell or otherwise transfer the product.

How to obtain warranty service?
Please fill the form given above or email us at support@regor.in and our friendly team will get in touch with you at the earliest.

Shipping charges from customer to Regor’s warehouse will be borne by the customer. Regor will bear the shipping charges for sending back the replacement/repaired unit.